make a presentation on case brief whitlock v uni of denver


15 Points Total

CASE BRIEF (Whitlock v. Uni. Of Denver)


This includes the case name, the court that decided it and the year that it was decided.

5 Points for presentation: Clarity, conciseness, general presentation demeanor

PARTIES – 1 point: Who are the parties in this case?

FACTS – 1 point: What are the facts of the case?

ISSUES – 2 points: What are the question(s) that the court has to decide?

HOLDINGS- 3 points: What does the court decide on each issue?

RATIONALE- 3 points: What is the reason for the court’s decision on each issue?

please make the asnwers for ISSUES, HOLDINGS, and RATIONALE longer so i can get full points

thank you i will attach more info from the book