management in action report 1

Management in Action

About the assignment: You will write a short report connecting course material to current news articles. After reviewing topics from our text, review various articles in news publications on the Internet. Good sites include Washington Post, Bloomberg Business Week, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, The Verge, Reuters, BBC, The Economist, or any credible news source.

Why of the assignment: Learning the concept is one thing. Identifying it in a real-life situation is another. This assignment requires you to think deeply about the concept and then be able to identify it in a business or even non-business setting. You will likely be able to apply the concepts to a sports setting or an organizational setting such as an event or a governmental situation. You might see it in a police response to a situation or the way a sports team manages itself or a situation. “Management” and the concepts we study are a part of life and you will see it manifested in many situations.

Please focus on news articles and not editorial articles. These would be ones discussing the best techniques or ways to accomplish something, whether it be motivation, leadership, organizing a company or team or many other areas. The don’t require you to identify a concept – they spell it out for you. Using one of these articles will cost you 15 points. If you are unsure – ask me. I am happy to help you.

The more topics that can be successfully tied to the article, the greater the point value of the assignment. Less than three topics will result in a deduction in points. Please see “Additional Directions” below as well as the rubric so you are aware of the grading. More than three topics may result in bonus points if the instructions below are followed.

1. Connections to the concepts in the text must be made. These must be explicit using citations (e.g. Chapter 15, Section 3a Hierarchical versus Decentrailized Approaches.)

2. The concept MUST be explained in your own words.

3. The connection must be made as well. You will need to use a portion of the article and show how it is an example of the concept.

I have posted an example of an “A” paper for your reference. Please review so you understand what I expect.

Use the attached Assignment Form and complete the form following these directions:

Article Summary: 1-2 paragraphs summarizing the MAIN IDEA of the article. Be sure that you focus on the portion of the article that you will be discussing in the next section. Remember this is to be a news article – not a management article or advice article.

For each connection, complete the following sections:

A. Chapter number and section number and description of text you are referencing (e.g. Chapter 1 Section 2 The Basic Function of Management.)

B. Indicate the concept and define it in your own words (not copied from any source or paraphrased.)

C. Make the connection between the article and the concept identified in B above. This should be no more than 150 words.

Additional Directions:

1. Submit either a .doc, .docx, or .pdf file. If I am not able to open the file, I will ask that you email me the assignment and will tentatively give you a zero for the assignment. As soon as I get a file I can open, I will grade it using the rubric.

2. Please use proper capitalization. Check the Purdue Owl website. The site has great grammar and punctuation tips. I use it all the time. Also, think about Grammarly. It is handy too.

NOTE: All penalties will be added separately in the gradebook. You will see a separate column and the deductions will be posted around the time your paper is graded. It may not be immediate as it will require me to exit the grading section of BBLearn, which slows down the grading process.

Penalties: Only one concept tied to article – 15 point deduction

Only two concepts tied to article – 8 point deduction

Editorial article used – 15 point deduction

*** Attachments are copies from the book sections, please take a look it will help you