need to to answer four questions a bout cases

I have attached the cases the you need to solve the questions

four line per question please

1-Why / how did Ben & Jerry ‘s become a takeover target? What were the underlying reasons? Do you agree or not that a takeover was justifiable – if so, why or why not?

2-In the context of the methods, guidance, examples provided and discussion in these two cases, you have been tasked to predict the performance of the company and the financial statements for the next year (or three).
Besides using actual data for the actual results and past performance of that company, what perspectives, considerations and other data would you like to consider and analyze / use in building the company’s financial model? How do you define the set of basic / basic assumptions that you use to lead your model? What sensitivity analyzes do you want to run?

3-From its peak in August 2003 until January 2005, Krispy Kreme lost 80% of the market value of its equity.
Given KRD ‘s notable track record of apparently very solid financial results and strong, Continuous growth for the full year 2004 as well as each of the previous four years, Wha accounts for – and how can you explain – this dramatic drop in value? Was the market rational ?

4-At a high level, fund manager types can be grouped into two basic categories: fundamental analysts (which would include Bill Miller) and technical analysts (who try to seek out and exploit patterns in securities prices).
There are three forms of Capital Market Efficiency – Strong, Semi – strong & Weak. Describe each of these three forms, and explain what the implications are of each of these three forms for the two types of fund managers.