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I choose this article http://baysoundings.com/florida-leads-nation-in-invasive-insects-captured-at-its-border/

Start by reading some Tampa Bay environmental articles from Bay Soundings Conservation and Restoration. If you live outside of the Tampa Bay area, please consult with your instructor. Start a new thread in the discussion forum and do the following in 100 words.

    • Summarize the article you wish to write about.
    • Cite the article APA style using Citation Machine.
    • Compare your citation to the format below.

    APA Reference with Author:

    Parsons, V. (2017, April 4). The real cost of fertilizer.Retrieved from

    In Text: (Parsons, 2017)

    APA Reference No Author:

    USF Project Helps Build Water-Smart Neighborhoods. (2017, April 04). Retrieved from http://baysoundings.com/usf-project-helps-build-water-smart-neighborhoods/

    In Text: (“USF Project Helps”, 2017)