1,250-word count minimum with three scholarly sources in APA format. The questions ask for your opinion – be sure and back up your opinion through critical thinking. It is expected that you will refer to two or three key concepts or principles you read about in each section. This is the best way for me to determine that you understand the assignment and can apply those principles to “solve” the case study.

1.Name some of the hygiene factors of The Container store.

2.Name some of the ways that The container Store motivates its employees.

3.Do you believe Tindell’s statement that highly satisfied employees will lead to highly satisfied customers and shareholders?

4.CEO Kip Tindell wants to make some changes in job design. he believes tools such as flexible scheduling strategies and job enrichment will increase employee satisfaction. He asked you to advise him on which type of job design strategies would be appropriate for an organization like The Container Store.