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  • Instructions for Mid-Term Exam 1

    The link for Mid-Term Exam 1 will be available from September 24th to midnight September 30th in the Assignments area as well as in the Lessons area for Week 5. You must take the exam during this period. NO EXCEPTIONS.You can download the exam in the presence of your proctor when you are ready to take the exam, and then submit your exam answers and the scanned duly signed proctor form in the Assignments area on the course website. If that is not possible for some reason, then you may e-mail the exam and/or the proctor form to me. Also, please make a copy of your answers and keep it at a safe place.Please read the following information carefully.

    1. Each student must take the exam individually by himself/herself only. Please do not ask for help from anybody to answer any questions in the exam. Do not read or look at other students’ answers to the exam questions. Also do not allow any one to look at your answers to the exam questions.
    2. The examination is open book, open notes. You can use a non-graphing calculator for numerical calculations. Please do not use any computer software (QM for Windows or Excel or any other software) or any website to solve the problems or to draw graphs.
    3. Please take only three continuous hours to do this exam in one sitting. If you plan to post the exam in your assignment folder or send it by e-mail, you can take additional time (up to 1 hour) for typing it.
    4. Please open the exam attachment only when you are ready to start the exam and in the presence of a proctor.
    5. For full or partial credit, show all work. Just writing the final answer will not get you full credit.
    6. Write your name on each and every page of the exam.
    7. You need the presence of a proctor for the duration of the exam. A proctor can be any adult (for example, your spouse, friend, relative, coworker, etc.). Please submit a filled proctor form duly signed by the proctor. A signed Proctor Form must accompany the complete examination material for an examination to be considered valid.
    8. Please submit your completed exam and the scanned signed proctor form in the Assignments section on the course web site or email it to me right after you take it or as soon as possible.
    9. Please submit the exam in Microsoft Word or PDF format. Scans or photos of the exam answers are acceptable but they must be clear and legible. Other formats are not acceptable.
    10. Once you have submitted your completed exam, no corrections can be made to your answers.
    11. Please make a copy of your answers and keep it at a safe place.
    12. Please note that even though you can take the exam anytime between September 24th and midnight September 30th, I will not grade the exams until I have received all the exams. I prefer to grade all exams at the same time to ensure uniform grading criteria and fairness to all students.

    Feel free to send me an e-mail if you have any questions.

  • Mid-Term Exam 1

    You must take the mid-term exam between September 24th and September 30th, 2018.Midterm Exam 1