outline for core assessment paper

Part 1: Create Outline for Core Assessment Paper

For the outline part of the assignment, you must:

  • Discuss the trend you picked (A trend is a topic discussed over time. Ex: teenage pregnancy is decreasing since the 1950’s, economic instability has increased since the 1950’s.) It is a requirement to discuss the trend since the 1950’s),
  • Discuss why this is the most important trend (You need to make an argument),
  • Discuss what subcategory of youth you picked (e.g., female, middle class, Hispanic, LGBT). Youth can’t be your subgroup because this is a paper about youth),
  • Explain why this subgroup makes sense given the trend you picked,
  • Explain the basic outline of your argument which demonstrates substantial progress. This means a clearly defined mapping thesis and a basis sketch of your paper. A mapping thesis should alert your reader to all topics covered in the paper and your argument.
    • In this outline, you should also make sure you address all 5 questions in the core assessment assignment. It is located under “Course Home” on the left menu and is called, “Core Assessment.”
    • You should provide enough information so I know what you are going to discuss in your core assessment.
    • You do not have to write I …A …1. 2… B…1…. 2…etc.
    • Please explain what you will discuss under each of the five questions.

Part 2: Create Annotated Bibliography

For the annotated bibliography part of the assignment, you need to write an annotated bibliography for each of your 5 academic, peer reviewed sources:

  • For an explanation of what annotated bibliographies are, go to: http://www.library.cornell.edu/olinuris/ref/resear… (Links to an external site.)
  • Please note the definition of an outside academic/peer reviewed source in the core assessment assignment.
  • Please note that clicking on the box that says “academic source” when using a search engine doesn’t guarantee that it is an academic source.
  • Go to resources about sources for help in determining if your source is “academic and peer reviewed.”
  • EACH annotation for your 5 sources should include:
    • a brief summary of the source (150-200 words) in your own words (Do not copy the abstract),
    • where you located the source (including call number for books, search engine, or complete Web URL),
    • an evaluation of the usefulness of the source in terms of your core assessment (e.g. what you learned, compare/contrast this source with others you have read, whether it raises questions not posed in other sources, etc.), and
    • a full citation using APA style correctly.