paper about being an occupational therapist


Instructions: Submit the 500-750 word essay on your submitted profession. The assignment should be your own original work. That means that if you use a paper from a previous course, it will not be accepted. Also, if you use “quoted” material for most of your assignment, it will not be accepted (even if appropriately referenced). It should contain only information that supports the main theme of the essay.


1.) Paragraph 1 – describe the profession

2.) Paragraph 2 – the requirements necessary (college degrees, experience, and certifications).

3.) Paragraph 3 – the reason it is important to you.

Additional Information:

  • Your reference list will not be included in your word count.
  • If you supply information (e.g. statistics, quotes, etc.) from other sources, it must be referenced.
  • Written material obtained from the textbook or other sources and not referenced could be cause for zero points on the assignment.
  • Reference is defined as a listing of the source of the material.
  • In the body of the essay, after the “quoted” material list (Author’s name, year of publication).
  • At the end of your essay, include a reference list: include the author’s name, date of publication, title, publisher, or website URL.