please complete economic naturalist assignment


PART 1: Research

Please visit the website alternatively, google ‘Economic Naturalist’ for more resources, e.g… take a look at questions posed previously as well as the answers )

***Your main objective is to come up with THREE interesting questions (that has not been previously answered) from everyday life.***

***You will submit three potential questions by September 28 2018 @3pm***

Part 2: Writing(In this segment of our activity, you will compile and write down your answers to the question you selected. This write up (between 400 — 500 words) will contain your motivation, the general discussion of the problem (what makes it interesting) and your approach to seeking an explanation using economic principles. You may include more than one explanations if that is the case. The write up will be due on September 28, 2018 @3pm).

***Remember that originality matters the most and the answers will be run through TurnItIn software that detects plagiarism***

This Assignment is due 28September2018 @3pm!