please complete midterm 4 sections briefly

1. Please watch the video

2. From the video there are 4 sections have to be done.

A. draw a transformation system (example picture attached) for TEDDY BEAR and EYEGLASSES manufacturing with 4 segments (inputs, transportation, outputs, feedback), then explain each section

B. Design product strategy for TEDDY BEAR and EYEGLASSES company in 3 sections: differentiation, response, cost leadership

C. Manufacturability and value engineering for TEDDY BEAR and EYEGLASSES company. Answer questions below briefly:

1. Reduce complexity of the design of the product so as to reduce your production costs

2. Reduce environmental impact of the product

3. Add standardization of components across your product lines

4. Improvement of functional aspects of components

5. Improve job design and safety for the humans who make your product

6. Improve maintainability and serviceability of product

7. Consider aspects robust design of the product

D. Total quality management for for TEDDY BEAR and EYEGLASSES company (TQM – if you need information about 7 concepts of TQM it is attached)

– continuous improvement

– six sigma

– taguchi concepts

– employee empowerment

– benchmarking

– just-in-time