please read the following and complete please follow instructions and rubric carefully

The book is the one you previously chose: Budhos, M. T. (2016). Watched. New York: Wendy Lamb Books

Create a 10-15-slide PowerPoint presentation that includes the following for the selection:

  1. Title, author, publisher, date in correct APA format, and an image of the book jacket
  2. Reading level
  3. Genre
  4. Overview of plot
  5. Theme(s)
  6. Include a distinct and important passage for this book.
  7. Provide background on the author such as short biography, highlights on website, and other written works
  8. Has this book been challenged? If so, upon what grounds was it challenged?
  9. What interdisciplinary connections can be made to this book?
  10. What kind of reader might enjoy this book? Would this be a good text with which to engage a reluctant reader? Why or why not?
  11. Discuss why this book must be in the secondary English teacher’s classroom.
  12. Find a sample detailed lesson plan idea that might help engage the students with the content of this book. You may adapt a lesson you find online; be sure to properly cite and reference your source.