position paper 44

According to revise my article writing requirements grammar, and add some content.


  • 3-4 pages in length (double-spaced, APA format, size 12 Times New Roman font)
  • Include a Cover Page and References Page (also in APA format)
  • Choose one of the Immigration-related topics I had shared with you a week ago
  • Take a stance (position) .. “in favor of / against of” , “agree with / disagree with”
  • Support your position with evidence from at least ONE of our article/reading sources from class
  • You may provide additional support from other sources or personal experiences as well
  • This format should help:
  • Introduction:background information on the topic,your position, and a clear and complete thesis statement (your position + 3 reasons or supporting ideas)
  • Body Paragraphs:these should present and support your 3 supporting ideas from your thesis. This is where you include evidence from the class article(s) and other sources or personal experience.This is where you make your argument and use ETHOS, PATHOS and LOGOS to persuade/convince your reader.You should have a clear topic sentence at the beginning of each body paragraph and use transition words or phrases
  • Counterargument and Refutation Paragraph: This is where your present what the other side (or position) says/believes/states/thinks about the topic.The Refutation is your response to the Counterargument; it is your final attempt to persuade the reader, so it should be your most convincing point/evidence or argument!Remember to use the phrases I gave you to introduce both the Counterargument and Refutation
  • Conclusion:Here, you present your concluding remarks and summarize the main points of your argument. You can also make a final “future” recommendation on the topic.Remember, the conclusion is AS IMPORTANT as the Introduction. 😊