presentation portugal and spain

I will have a group work which is based on the two different country. Our group choose the Portugal and Spain countries.

My part is how does these two country do corporation.

I find some online resources showing these two countries have close friendly relationship.

You could talk about their recently corporation or some significant corporation event between these two country.

1. I need 1 paragraph for the Executive Summary (no more than 1/2 page) about these two countries corporation which I will present.

The requirement is below:

Executive Summary: Write a 1-2 page executive summary to be distributed to the professor and other members of the class just prior to your team presentation. The summary should provide an overview of your project, highlighting the key findings the class. It also should also help class members: (1) grasp the essence of the cultures involved; (2) utilize practical pointers on how to behave when traveling, doing business, or simply interacting with residents in each country.

2. I need 2-3 slides of PPT, about Spain and Portugal corporation. And Presentation notes based on the slides. The presentation should be 5 minutes length. So, please help me do the presentation notes is good to 5 minutes.

3. 1 page of the Guidelines/Mechanics (Corporation part). You don’t need worry about the introduction part of these two countries, just directly talking about their corporation. Because its team work

Requirement is below:

Your paper should be formatted using APA guidelines. A summary of those guidelines may be found at Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab: Organize your paper coherently, appropriately citing all sources throughout the paper. As in all graduate level writing, the paper should be well written.