public relations 22

Explain how journalistic ethics affects marketing public relations professionals. Explain why building relationships with journalists is beneficial to marketers. How does ehtical behavior guide these relationships? This section should be 2 pages.

Meida outlets are topic driven. Content is based on the outlet’s mission and target audiences. Being able to network with representatives of media outlets that meet the requirements of your business or cleint companies is an important part of the MPR process.  Finding appropriate matches and working your contacts can mean quality PR placements.  Select e businesses and associate them with the right media connectors.  The business concepts are generic.  You need to add more detail to the business scenario but you may not attribute them to real companies.  For each of the 3 businesses complete the following: describe the business, define its target audience, select 1 media or nonmedia connector that would be a good fit for the business.

The body of the paper should be 5 pages and the second part should be 2 pages. 


Business types:

Educational Institution, Cultural Outlet (theatre, hotel or casino), Medical Practice


due Sat Sept 13 by noon.