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Case Assignment

Select one of the interview or speech transcripts created from videos of speeches or interviews from successful leaders in our nation’s armed forces. You are free to select the interview or speech transcript of your choice. Upload the transcript into Dedoose using the upload feature. Take the transcript through the process described in this module making use of the coding capabilities of Dedoose. Summarize your findings including any codes, themes, your rationale, and finally, any resulting conclusions in the form of a conceptual framework. Think of this exercise as a “mini-results” section of your doctoral study in terms of how you conduct and present your findings. Your paper should be 4–6 pages in length.

Admiral McRaven, University of Texas at Austin 2014 Commencement

Brigadier General Stanley McChrystal: Leadership Is a Choice

Captain Roger Herbert: Courage—Can We Teach It? Can We Learn It?

General Colin Powell: Our Youth Must Be Ready to Lead

General Colin Powell at Santa Clara Convention Center

Taking Charge: 7 Leadership Stories

Lt. General Charles Krulak: The Importance of Integrity

The United States Marine Corps in the 21st Century

Assignment Expectations

Your 4- to 6-page paper must follow APA formatting and demonstrate clarity, depth, and critical thinking. As you answer the questions posed in this case, include supporting rationale and cited sources.

The assignment will be assessed using the Case Study Rubric.