read the attachment and answer the three questions in one page

Read the attached reading on Ayuba Suleiman Diallo (“P1 – Diallo.pdf”). Write a 1-page paper (12pt, Times New Roman, single-spaced, 1 inch margins) answering the questions below:

  • Who was Ayuba Suleiman Diallo (name, position, and background)?
  • What was the historical context in which Diallo lived (time period and geographical setting)?
  • How did Diallo’s life story differ from those of the vast majority of Africans who experienced the Middle Passage and slavery in the Americas?

If you need help answering the third question, you can consult “P1 – Transatlantic Slave Trade” text. For those worried about the quality of their writing, read “P1 – Shitty First Drafts”.