real estate market home buying decisions

Please see attachment for requirements. Listed is the Topic: Home Buying Decisions Peter wants to buy a house. Ads say that he can get a subprime rate, ARM, extended loan, and other buying options. You are asked to come in and analyze this for Peter, but you need to get your arms around this situation. Before you start your study, you decide to research what happened in the housing market in 2008. Why did it happen? What were the community issues surrounding this economic decline? Briefly explain the social and economic trends in home buying along with graphs that show home purchases over the past decade. What is projected for the future? Peter has $100,000 to put down on the home. He earns $80,000 per year. You are to provide a quantitative analysis of purchasing, interest rates, and the growth potential of the home. What locations are good? What is a good investment? Although his job is in Irvine, California and he would like to reside in Orange County, he does not think that is possible. Give Peter four specific housing options from your research on homes in Orange County with the financial breakdown for his buying decision making. Where he can live? What should he do? Why?