report analysis presentation 3

Building on the Report Analysis you completed in Week 4, create a 10- to 12-slide PowerPoint® presentation of your analysis and recommendations. This assignment will allow you to demonstrate the application of visual content delivery for successful communication.

Include the following in your presentation:

  • Effective visuals and design consistency as well as descriptions of these components as they apply to presentations and reports.
  • You can include speaker notes at the bottom of the slides.
  • Your PowerPoint presentation should include an attractive background design, effective use of bullet points, and some eye-catching images.
  • Add your name to the first slide of your PowerPoint presentation.
  • View the sample PowerPoints provided here for inspiration!

The purpose of this assignment is to create an attractive and eye-catching PowerPoint presentation and show off your visual design skills.

The purpose is not to focus on reports in general or elements of effective reports. Instead, imagine you work for the Fortune 500 company and are planning a presentation for employees or shareholders (based on the report you chose in Week 4).

Use your Week 4 report analysis assignment to cull information you can add to your PowerPoint. You can also go back to the original company business report for more information to include.

Your PowerPoint will be evaluated on visual design only, including:

–attractive and appropriate background design

–use of additional images to enhance the presentation (i.e. charts, graphs, and SmartArt). You can also find great images using Google Images to jazz up your presentation.

–effective use of bullet points.

Bullets should be sized neither too large nor too small. Bullets should be short phrases focused on key points. Avoid whole sentences and paragraphs of information. (Viewers should never be more focused on reading slides than listening to the presenter.)

Avoid slides that are too sparse or too crowded with text and images.