research paper please follow the requirements and i have attached the chapter 19 also

Chapter 19 introduces the impact of the global digital divide. According to the authors, countries that lag behind the rest of the world’s ICT capabilities encounter difficulties at various levels. In a 1,250 word paper, discuss specific areas, both within and outside eGovernance, in which citizens living in a country that lags behind the rest of the world in ICT capacity are lacking. Include in your discussion quality of life, sustainability, safety, affluence, and any other areas that you find of interest. Your paper will need to adhere to APA standards with 1 inch margins, 12 point Times New Roman font, as well as double-spacing, a title page and a running head. Use Purdue’s OWL or the UOC Library if you’re unsure of these requirements. Or you can email me directly. Additionally, your paper will need to be below 10% for SafeAssign matching. If it comes in above this, I will review, assign you a zero and provide you next steps in the comments and via email.