research project on app walkthrough method

App: Zenly

Use the walkthrough method, that we learnt about in week 3, to explore how this app

positions you as a user and write a report on your findings. What assumptions about you

(e.g. gender, ethnicity, ability, sexuality, class etc.)? How do you know?

-gender? Not really because it doesn’t ask your gender, but you can represent yourself

through profile image

-age: it asks your birthday. It assumes you are young people and like to connect with


-ethnicity: only allows you to share to western social media platforms

-but has a Chinese language version

-geographic locations: assumes you want to share your location with others

-Ability: you need to be able to use a modern app and know the functions of the icons

Make sure that you justify any claim that you make by referring to specific aspects of the

app’s design (e.g. word choices, images, colours, layout etc.) that you observe during

your walkthrough.