research proposal follow the instruction below

quantitative question: What is the percentage of medical errors when using EMRs as compared to medical errors with the use of non-EMRs?

Qualitative questions: what kind of impact does EMR on patient outcomes?

Make sure to use the annotated research proposal outline to answer these questions

  • Share why this topic and research question is important for you.
  • Present your review of the literature related to your topic. Apply critical thinking as you write at a synthesis level what you learned from the sources of knowledge reviewed. Aim for three themes drawn from the literature.
  • You should include a minimum of 10-12 reputable sources, including academic, industry, and business publications. (Academic sources include juried journal articles.) Books may also be used if they are written by relatively well-known authors.
  • Use APA 6th standard to format paper, e.g., titles, spacing, citations, and references. Double-spaced, consistent font throughout paper, 12 font size