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Please respond to the following with 177 words:


1) A great many of things have changed from the 1950s to 2018. Such as how things are displayed/advertised, what is promoted, religion, fashion, important events/movements, ect..

2) Currently we have minimal fear of the rise of communism. During the 1950s the Cold War was going on leaving the country at war with themselves. Graphic advertisement had been promoted such s “Better Dead than Red” or “Better Red than Dead” along with the Cold War, the severity of racism is no longer evident. Though it is still out there and we have the present “Black Lives Matter” movement, nothing compares to the fight to stop the separation of “black children” within the schools; remembered greatly by Brown V. Board in 1954.

3) All the major changes from the 1950s to present have all occurred from important movements that Americans have fought for. The Civil Rights Movement being one of the largest. Through history we are showing to have improved in our “narrow-mindedness” with racism. However, we are constantly fighting one battle after the next. What I mean by that is; if its not religion, its racism, if not racism its sexism, or gender identity.

4) Though the Civil Rights Movement only began in 1954, the negative impact(my pg-rated form of describing our history) for the many races has been felt for over a century. As time goes on, it has proven to gotten much better for the Black Community. Womens roles have also changed and even improved. Since the 50s women have been given more rights and the issue of sexism has declined; though still present. Other changes throughout the decades such as the legalization of gay marriage have benefited those who were always in hiding and being denied certain rights as same sex marriages. We are constantly changing as our history goes on, however repeats of habits are always present.

5) I feel that I have answered this question within question 4, but I would like to add the changes of religion. “1955-58 almost half of all Americans were attending church” according to Carol Tucker in her article, “The 1950s- Powerful Years for Religion.” As of 2002 that percentage went down to 38% and then 23% in 2017 for weekly attendance. Not by research, but from my own experience; religion is being scared away. There are in fact many religious people who threaten those who do not share the same views-such as same-sex marriage. I feel it is events like this that refects so negatively on the Church causing the decline in religion. As America continues to press for gender identity rights, the churches will continue to take a hit for not believing in it.

6) Ahead for US culture is definitely Science. Advances in science; although can be frightening within technology, is extremely beneficial when pertaining to medicine, forensic anthropology, understand and even predicting weather patterns, ect… In 1969 we had the first man in history to walk on the moon. Since then there have been countless advances.