resume and cover letter assignment 3

For this Graded Homework Assignment only, you are allowed to type your responses in a Microsoft Word .doc or .docx file, save the file, and then upload the file within the assignment link to submit your resume and cover letter. Your resume and cover letter should each be one page only – thus, your completed and uploaded document for this assignment should be two pages long.

Follow the instructions below to create (type, save) your resume and cover letter. Then, upload this file into this assignment link.

Read Chapter 13 in your textbook.

Imagine that you are applying for a position re-shelving books at the MDC Kendall Library. The position title is “Library Assistant.” The address for the Library is:

Miami Dade College

Kendall Campus Library

Re: Mr. Erick Dominicis

Interim College-wide Director, Learning Resources

11011 SW 104th Street, Building 2 2nd Floor

Miami, FL 33176

Type a “Cover Letter,” using the sample letter on page 404 and the information that I listed above in “I” as guides, as if you were applying for this position at the MDC Kendall Library

Type a “Resume,” using the sample resume and tips 1-6 on pages 402-403 as guides, that highlights your information, skills, experience, etc. AND includes information that demonstrates that you would be a “good fit” for this position at the MDC Kendall Library