short history homework 0

Short Answer Assignment

Instructions:  Please write a one page paper on any aspect of Greece and/or Rome that contributed to the Western concept of individuality. The paper must be in APA format. Examples you might choose from include religion, warfare, art, philosophy, government or any combination of these or others you think best demonstrate the concept of individuality. Remember to also state how this concept can be seen in, or strongly influenced, modern times.

Grading Rubric:

  • Use of correct APA formatting (max. 5 points)
  • Paper is free of grammatical and/or spelling errors (max. 10 points)
  • Use of at least one outside source with proper citation/reference (max. 5 points)
  • Student wrote at least one page of text of 250 words (max. 20 points)
  • Clearly stating:
    • What their selection was, (max. 20 points)
    • How it demonstrated individuality in Western Civilization, (max. 20 points) and
    • Related it to modern times, values, or history (max. 20 points)