should employers restrict social media use

Should Employers Restrict Social Media Use?:

Social media is powerful, and it’s important to understand the repercussions before posting a hasty comment one might later regret. What you do online also becomes part of your professional presence and represents not only you but also any organization that employs you. It is important to set boundaries for companies and employees to follow in regards to social media. Go back to page 46 and review the Chapter 2 closing case presented at the end of chapter and discuss the following –

What policies do you feel are appropriate for employers to have regarding employees use of social media during work? What are the pros and cons of employees using social media? In today’s world a misjudged tweet can cause a companies stock to tumble. What if YOU owned the company – state your social media policy and defend pros and cons for your decisions.

What would we see if we looked into your online professional presence? Does your online profile and activity match your core values? Would you hire yourself if you were a potential employer? Do you consider the long term effect when posting on your social media or do you just live in the moment?