soc313 week 5 discussion 1 create discharge plan

Create a Discharge Plan for Lucy (Bipolar Disorder and Serious Substance Abuse) Dual Diagnosis. This week, Discussion 1 asks students to create a discharge plan.  To begin, you are to choose one of the family members from the Miller family who may have been admitted to the hospital.  As part of your post, you will create a discharge plan based on the scenario of the individual family member you chose.  You will include the elements covered in your textbook.  The following excerpt is from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and is an example of what is covered in a discharge plan:


 IDEAL = key elements in discharge planning


I = Include the patient and family as full partners in the discharge planning process.


D = Discuss with the patient the key areas to prevent problems at home


1. Describe what life at home will be like


2. Review medications


3. Highlight warning signs and problems


4. Explain test results


5. Make follow-up appoints


E = Educate the patient and family in plain language about the patient’s condition, the discharge process, and next steps throughout the hospital stay.


A = Assess how well doctors and nurses explain the diagnosis, condition, and next steps in the patient’s care to the patient and family and use teach back.


L = Listen to and honor the patient’s and family’s goals, preferences, observations, and concerns.  (AHRQ, n.d., p. 1).