sociology homework 2

About Face ( is an organization that brings public awareness to negative stereotypes of women in the media. Enter the site, and read the short introductory paragraph toward the top of the page. Do you agree that media reform can produce changes in the self-esteem of girls and women? Why or why not? 
Click on “Gallery of Offenders,” and the “New Top Ten Offenders.” Look through the photos and explanations, and answer these questions. 

Are you surprised by the nature of the ads here? Why or why not? Before reading the explanation below the ad, would you have known why each was selected as an offender?
About Face gives contact information for the companies whose ads are depicted in the gallery. Would you ever consider calling or writing one of these companies to express your opinion of one of these ads? Why or why not?

Next, click on “Gallery of Winners,” and the “New Top Ten Winners.” Look through the photos. There is no text to explain why each of these is a “winner.” How is each different from one or more of the “offenders?”

How does this assignment relate to the issue of socialization?

Post your 200 word assignment under Module 4 Discussion Board. Due November 11th