sociology homework 9




Jonathan kozol chapter 3


This paper relative to chapter 3


Must put the outline on the paper


If you put any quotation so just put the book page number on your paper.




First Component:


Day and a life


What would it be like in that place if you live there?


Create a short story that illustrates what a typical/average day is like for a child living in the school system Kozol discusses.  I want to be able to picture his/her life, and get a feel of what it is like to be them—include types of relationships, activities, problems, concerns, beliefs, personal identity, codes of behavior, etc. 


Second Component


Describe interaction



5 structures are going to be the person you create in the first component.


How structures are organized. Every interaction we have if a mirror.


            You must trace your created child through their encounters with the five social structures. (economic, government, religion, education and marriage/family)   Give examples of how these structures have made an impact on their life.  Basically, explain how these five structures affected this child’s sense of self/identity, the child’s problems and opportunities?  And which of the five social structures was the most directly responsible for the characters personal situation in the case study. 



The written project is to be 4 pages typed.  Good luck.


Group Presentation:


1) A brief summary of the chapter. This should not have great detail and should last less than 2 minutes. Include the highlights of the topics and conditions described. It would be good to provide visual imagery if possible.