summary and rhetorical analysis essay two parts please separate them

The essay will analyze focus on identifying author/speaker, audiences, and persuasive appeals. Focusing on a musical artist of your choice, your assignment begins with the analysis of the lyrics of at least two complete songs, in depth, with particular attention to persuasive appeals (ethos, logos, pathos). You will next analyze images corresponding to album/songs – specifically cover art or a concert poster considering how the artist attempts to appeal to their audience. Students will develop a thesis about the artist’s rhetorical choices quoting from the lyrics and citing details from the corresponding images. Students will also study the artist’s official website (including images and words), identify the target audience, and analyze the PR team’s construction of the artist’s public identity and use of persuasive appeals.

3 pages, typed, doubled-spaced, MLA format, Works Cited page (as the 4thpage)

Part 1.) Summary and Rhetorical Analysis of lyrics of at least two songs (approximately 2 pages)

Part 2.) Rhetorical Analysis of images corresponding to album/songs – specifically cover art, concert poster, public representation on website (approximately 1 page)

– combine Parts 1 and 2 with the strong response to a source.

I attached the professor notes so please read them carefully and for part one in the first paragraph talk about why I love Tupac and relate to the two songs then 2nd paragraph pathos 3rd ethos and Thank you.