sustainable engineering answear question paper

1. What 5 countries currently have the highest population growth rate (cite your

source)? Compare that to the United States growth rate. What 5 cities

(worldwide) have the highest population growth rate (cite your source)?

Calculate the population doubling time for each of these.

2. Using the World Urbanization Prospects The 2018 Revision, what are the global

urban and rural populations in 2018 and projections for 2050? What are the

urban and rural population growth rates for these time periods? Why are there

differences between more and less developed countries?

3. What is Development vs. Sustainable Human Development? Provide an example of

how we measure each, including one pro and con for each.

4. Explain the IPAT equation. Give two examples where technology has increased

out impact on the planet/environment in a negative way. Give two examples of

where technology has lowered the impact on the planet and the environment.

5. What is the classical shape of the Kuznet’s curve? What are some of the

variants seen in real life? Do you agree that all environmental problems will

be fixed as affluence increases?

6. List the types of ecosystems services offered to humans by nature (see

Costanza et al. paper in optional readings). What are the advantages and

disadvantages of valuing nature in terms of money?

7. What is Daly’s rule for fixing the issues with resource scarcity, pollution,

economic growth, etc. What are some challenges in applying this rule?

8. Compare and contrast three different definitions of sustainable development.

What are the pros and cons of each?