the meaning of local

Writing Response — WR—- This week’s WR is focused on Kliman’s article “The Meaning of Local.”

Writing Responses (WR) are composed of three parts: summary, synthesis, and response.

Summary: Your WR should begin with a brief summary of the article (or articles) assigned that week. These summaries should be relatively concise but complete enough to capture the nuances of the argument/narrative/etc. Summarizing will help you practice careful reading and help you to digest the readings we do each week.

Synthesis: In this section, you will connect the article(s) to other readings/texts (we’ll be looking at films and video clips too) from the class (or other readings from that week). This will help you to practice looking for ideas in multiple contexts. The synthesis can discuss similarities and differences, but you should always be on the lookout for insightful and nuanced connections or distinctions.

Response: This is the section of the paper where you are invited into the conversation. You should offer your own thoughts, insights, and arguments based on the course texts. Be sure to engage with the ideas in the piece and move beyond surface level responses like “This was really cool” or “This was boring.” Instead, take the ideas and test them against your own knowledge and experience, offer your own ideas, etc.

Details: They should be 2-3 pages (double-spaced). must use docx.

You can find this article in the course textbook Food: A Reader for Writers beginning on page 63.

Plagiarism will not be accepted. Please follow all rules. i have attached rubric to the paper. Please make sure it follows the guidelines of this post as well as the rubric

for the article this is the link to the book…

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