tourism project part 1

Submission 1: Sections I & II (65 points – 5 points for formatting/spelling/grammar)

Executive Summary (To be included with each submission) (10points): This should always be at the beginning of the report. An over view of the report, no longer than two pages outlining key highlights of the destination and including recommendations to destination on areas of concern for further marketability and/or sustainability. (Note: Provide clear and focused rationale for recommendations. Ensure that the recommendations are do-able and provide a clear vision as to how the recommendations will assist the destination.)

I. Description of Destination (25 points)

A. Location

B. History

C. Transportation

D. General Economic condition and currency

E. Population Density and Diversity (labor pool)

F. Main Tourism Attractions

a. Name the main categories of tourism attractions

b. Name the tourism attractions within each identified category

c. Write about why people would want to visit the destination

II. Tourism Management (25 points)

A. Government structure and support for tourism

    1. Official name of tourism bureau
    2. Name the branch of the government under which the tourism office is housed (explain the various levels of government as needed) – If applicable
    3. Name of top position and person
    4. Other permanent positions
    5. Explain the role of the board of directors and how the members are chosen (if applicable)

B. Services sector; interdependency

My destination is Southwest, China.