trigonometric 2



For this assignment, you have to define a problem (the best project would be the topic you encountered in real life) that involves solving a problem of three dimensional world. Examples of such problems are estimate of surface area, perimeter, and volume, approximation of optimal shape or change involved in such. For instance, finding out of a volume of an octagonal bin with a defined ratio of height between octagonal bases to the pyramidal cap. Another example would include an estimation of a surface for an arbitrary shape by approximating it with triangles. In conjunction with algebra or calculus one can find an optimal surface, the volume, optimal surface of a three-dimensional shape etc. If you choose a project please communicate it to me and the classmates, you may use the suggestions described below.

Tasks for Trigonometric (TM)

(LR-1) Describe your topic, provide your data, and cite your source

The idea with the discussion posting is two-fold: (1) To share your interesting project idea with your classmates, and (2) To give me a chance to give you a brief thumbs-up or thumbs-down about your proposed topic and data. Sometimes students get off on the wrong foot or misunderstand the intent of the project, and your posting provides an opportunity for some feedback. Remark:

(LR-2) Plot the relevant data (if applicable) in two or three dimensional form. Use an appropriate scale on the horizontal and vertical axes and be sure to label carefully.

(LR-3) Define a strategy of reaching the goal (surface, volume) like: subdivision, summation, solving the triangles converting units. State the equations.

(LR-4) Solve intermediate steps.

(LR-5) Show the final result. Show how calculation work.

(LR-7) Write a brief narrative of a paragraph or two. Summarize your findings and be sure to mention any aspect that you found particularly important or interesting. Discuss possible errors and applicability of the general methodology.

You may submit all of your project in one document or a combination of documents, which may consist of word processing documents or spreadsheets or scanned handwritten work, provided it is clearly labeled where each task can be found. Projects are graded on the basis of completeness, correctness, ease in locating all of the checklist items, and strength of the narrative portions.