uniqueness generalizing and objectivity

For this assignment follow the instructions below: Respond with 600 words 150 words for each answer


Generalizing, Individual Uniqueness and Objectivity are two terms we want to keep in mind as we begin to understand and communicate with individuals of varying backgrounds.

  1. Explain what generalizing means and how we might avoid doing as we participate in intercultural communication.
  2. Why is it more difficult to be objective when talking with someone whose perspective about the topic is different from yours?
  3. Explain a variety of perspectives that might occur hearing someone say this:

“I’m so freakin’ shocked, think I’ll get happy and go crash at Jason’s after that wicked surprise.”

What consideration then, do we need to keep in mind about each other when we communicate?

4. How and in what ways are communication and culture linked?

Look up definitions if you need to.