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Agile Development with Scrum

By successfully completing this assignment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies and assignment criteria:

  • Competency 1: Define business problems that can be solved using software architecture concepts and standards.
  • Competency 2: Explain fundamental concepts and principles of software architecture.
  • Competency 3: Create a software and data architecture for an organization.
  • Competency 5: Communicate effectively.

Assignment Preparation

As a software architect, you will be exposed to different software development processes. Currently, Agile software development is the most widely used software development process. Spiral and waterfall processes are also used. One of the methods that Microsoft uses extensively is called Scrum, which is a spiral development process.

The Scrum process is extremely important to understand because the majority of software development teams are using this in their work. One aspect of the Scrum process is to first consider that a system is broken down into user stories; these make up the product backlog. Scrum requires one or more sprints until the product backlog is completed. A sprint is a two-week development period. The team commits to a sprint backlog, which is a series of user stories from the product backlog.

The purpose of this assignment is to gain an understanding of the Scrum process. To do this, first research the Manifesto for Agile Software Development. Then, research Scrum at Scrum.org and Scrumalliance.org. Find these three sites in the resources.

Assignment Instructions

Once you complete your preparation, create a 3-4 page professional paper in which you complete the following:

  • Explain the Scrum method as it relates to the software development process.
  • Explain where the software architecture process fits into the Agile method of software development.
  • Draw a UML activity diagram highlighting the full development process. Include requirements, architecture definition, and the deployment of an enterprise software system. Use Visio to create the diagram.
  • Describe the roles of team members necessary to support the Scrum method.

Microsoft Visio is provided through a Toolwire virtual desktop for your use to create the diagrams required for your assignment. Access the software via the Toolwire resources in this unit.

Refer to the Agile Development with Scrum Scoring Guide to ensure that you meet the grading criteria for this assignment.

You are required to submit your assignment to the Turnitin source matching tool. You are required to submit the professional summary; you are not required to submit the UML activity diagram to Turnitin. Refer to the instructions on the Turnitin iGuide page, linked in the Resources.

Submit your assignment for faculty evaluation by clicking the linked assignment title. Be sure to include the corresponding Turnitin report.