unit 8 health lab questions


Advocate for Health

  1. Is there something similar to a youth summit in your community? If so, would you like to be part of it? If not, would you be interested in starting one?
  2. What does being an advocate for health mean to you? Do you feel that this particular youth summit appears to be advocating health for the community?
  3. How might you become more of a health advocate in your home, school, or community?

The Big Idea My Brother Inspired

  1. Within the first minutes of this video, Jamie Heywood says this in reference to his brother’s journey and death from ALS: “We’re going to do something with this in an incredibly positive way. And I want to talk today about one of the things that we decided to do, which was to think about a new way of approaching health care.” How would you describe his new way of approaching health care?
  2. Why do you think people find the ability to share and read other people’s stories regarding health issues useful?
  3. How is Jamie Heywood’s website using data to enhance health and the health community?
  4. Part of “sharing the health” is adapting communication techniques to target specific audiences. Do you think that Jamie Heywood’s website accomplishes this? How?
  5. Go to www.patientslikeme.com (you do not have to join to simply explore the site), and type a condition or health issue that you are interested in or suffer from in the search box. Explore the website and forums. Investigate the various data points for the condition you typed in.

Would you use this website? What do you think some of the advantages of a health-sharing site like this are? Disadvantages?