urgent call for 2 article analysis

This is an urgent article analysis for 2 different business articles which are about global business strategies. The analysis notes will be 1-2 pages and they will be Arial font, size 12. The requirements are below. it should be in Q&A format

  • What is the purpose of this article? What problem or issue does it address? Just what is the author trying to do?
  • What are the basic assumptions/assertions/values that underlie this piece? Are these assumptions explicit or implicit?
  • What is the basic argument/thesis? What are the major findings and conclusions?
  • What is the nature of the evidence presented in support of the argument/thesis? Are the conclusions well supported?
  • What problems or concerns are you left with? How does the article relate to other articles you have read and to your own knowledge and experience? How does it contribute to your overall understanding of global marketing strategy?