us border solution purpose solution essay persuade solution essay special kind argumentative

U.S border solution

The purpose of the solution essay, is to persuade. The solution essay is a special kind of argumentative essay. You will identify the problem, discuss several possible solution to it. arguing that one solution is better than the others.
early in the essay you will need to identify the problem under consideration. this will require describing,defining and/or limiting the problem.for example,if starvation is the problem,you may want to focus on famine in the developing countries,or on honger in the u.s,or perhaps even more narrowly,on malnourishment among u.s children.
onces the problem has been identified you will turn to a discussion of possible solutions to the problem. you should discuss atleast three or four atlernative solutions, and each should be plausible and feasible. plausible means believable, and feasible means workable.
your discussion of possible solutions will consist of examining the pros and cons of each and by the end of the essay, it should be clear that one solution is better than all the others. it is vital that that you not only assert your own position but also present and respond to counterarguments.

this is to be a documented essay. that is you will incorporate into it several outside sources that you have found in the library.

the details:
1. 6-7 pages
2. include a separate works cited page in MLA format
3.cite 5-6 sources in the essay
4. half of these sources must be traditional print sources.