week 10 life health and income exposures please read all requiremnets

this a term paper and its the final  so this has to be great i got a bad grade for the draft. the draft is attached. Your job is to take the attached documnet and fix it with what the teacher wants.


Here is what she wants:

This week you will submit the final version of your Risk Management Analysis Term Paper. It is highly recommended that you utilize the feedback from your two draft assignments to revise and improve your paper.

Remember your paper should consist of three separate components.


Scenario Expansion

Only basic information has been provided for each company. You will need to generate a list of possible questions that should be asked to complete the assessment. Include this list in the paper. You may need to add to the scenario to illustrate why these questions are important. Be sure to clearly address the risks inferred by the questions you generated.

Risk Analysis

Analyze a wide variety of risks that your company may encounter. Be sure to look at generic risks, specific, risks, and those created in your scenario expansion. In your analysis, also be sure to address any insurance issues that may play a part in the management of risk.

Recommendations and Risk Management Plan

Based on your analysis, prepare a short risk management recommendation to the person or group in charge of the business. You should include information on how risks should be dealt with and how the company should manage their risks overall.

Think about your scenario and really explore it. If you wish, you may interview people in a similar business to get their suggestions for the paper. If you do this, please note it in your paper as well. If you refer to any research sources other than our class textbook, please use the proper notations. The paper has no assigned length, but be sure to be thorough. The paper must be double spaced.



also attached is the grading rubics on how i did for my draft please ensure i get better than the grade of 52