week 4 discussion foundations

Discussion: APA Discussion 2

Mastering the many precise rules of APA style takes time and practice. If you are new to APA, you may benefit from strategies developed by others who have more experience. Even if you have significant experience with APA style, you can benefit from reviewing the latest guidelines as well as sharing this knowledge with your fellow scholars. The American Psychological Association reviews and revises its guidelines to account for new ways of sharing information and the changing needs of scholars and professionals. As a scholar and professional, you may wish to make a similar commitment to regularly updating your knowledge and skills in APA. You may also wish to make a commitment to continuing to collaborate with your peers throughout your program to reap the mutual benefits of shared knowledge.

To prepare:

  • Reflect on your performance on APA Quiz 2.

By Day 3

Post an explanation of new insights you have gained by completing APA Quiz 2. Explain a strategy you would use to improve your skills in the covered APA concepts. Finally, explain the resources you would use to improve your skills and why you would use them.