week assignment 5

This case study will challenge you to apply what you have learned about understanding user needs, product concept development, user-centered design, and the use of product platforms and architecture to reach new customers and new markets. In this case you will explore 3M’s Greptile Grip Technology.

Follow the instructions in the presentation below to begin viewing the case.

3M’s Greptile Grip Technology Flash Presentation

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3M’s Greptile Grip Technology Case

Case Questions

  1. What other applications do you envision for the Greptile technology within the sports and leisure market?
  2. What new market applications (outside of sports and leisure) do you envision for the Greptile grip technology? Justify why you think these new market applications are warranted.

Submission Instructions

  • Compose your answers to the case question as a MS Word document (Arial, 11 pt, 1.5 spacing). Your submission must be 2 to 3 pages in length.