work essay 1

Managing Information System Work Essay


Based on of Paul Ford’s essay and your course textbook, write an essay on the theme of “how changes in information technology influence the nature of of managing information system development work.”


  • Include five sections
    • Introduction, Technical Background, Managerial Background, Discussion, & Conclusion
  • The technical background should focus on a particular technological phenomena from the reading. Summarize this section in a way that is particularly useful for a manager; what is the main takeaway?
  • The managerial background should focus on a particular section of the TMITTB case of the reading. What managerial issues are illustrated in the particular section.
  • Discussion:
    • Taking into account the technical and managerial backgrounds, discuss how they fit within the system analysis & design environment, i.e., how does this reading relate with the textbook theory and concept?
    • Lastly, discuss how technology influence management (or vice versa) drawing on specific instances that you have already written about in the previous sections. Essentially, you are arguing how trends in technology force managerial practices to change.
  • Conclusion
    • Finish with a look at new trends in system analysis and design which can be adopted that properly align with the current technological environment.
    • HINTS: virtual teams, TDD, Agile
    • For the first requirement u need write about 1 paragraph for 2, 3&4 u should write for about 2 paragraph for each requirement.