writing essay 73

This is a four page essay, need to follow the writing instruction carefully. I did write one topic, here is my professor’s comment:

“An ambitious topic! In preparation of your 1.1, what solution are you positing exactly? Identify a target audience for this topic, as there are many hands involved in the perpetuation of racism.

This is currently too ambiguous and broad for a small essay. Apply your understanding of diversity/race to a specific UO/student instance. Do not look at the country/people/or history as a whole, as this will become quickly unmanageable and impossible to prove.

Here are some Q@I examples that relate to conversations of race: Should UO professors to attend diversity training? (A case could be made that not all professors are aware of how to best support equity in their classes– and we do NOT currently require professors to attend such trainings)

Should UO eliminate grades? (Arguably, grades privilege one type of student here at the UO and definitely do not support diverse student backgrounds/races.)

Should UO eliminate international student tuition category? (Technically. international students and out of state students could pay the same tuition amount)

There are so many aspects that relate to race and diversity on campus. Focus in on ONE key issue that narrows down your scope and makes proving the argument doable. Let me know if you have any questions.”

I post both my topics as well as the writing instruction in the attached file, please check all and read them carefully before writing this essay.